Rumor: Details on Nintendo Switch Mario/Rabbids game surface

It's done, but it won't be releasing at launch

There have been plenty of Nintendo Switch rumors, the most exciting being that the game has not been delayed and will make the Switch's launch, but that doesn't mean those are the only Switch rumors floating around. The latest rumor has detailed the Ubisoft and Nintendo collaboration that will fuse together two of the brands' best series'. 

Liam Robertson, an insider who has a habit of discovering scrapped tech plans and games, has detailed everything they have heard about the Mario x Rabbids crossover game heading to the Nintendo Switch. Apparently, Ubisoft proposed the game to Nintendo "a while ago" and Nintendo game them a thumbs up and very close oversee. 

According to Robertson, the crossover was initially called something like 'Mushroom Kingdom Battle,' but title has been unconfirmed. The game's development and localization have been finalized, making the game ready to ship – but it might not be a launch game for the Switch regardless. It appears as though the game will be held back from being a launch day title.

The gameplay, detailed by Roberston, is similar to XCOM's strategy-RPG gameplay set in the Mushroom Kingdom where "evil/warped" Rabbids are invading. The game will have players equipping their teams with the appropriate weapons – in-game stats play a role. Of course, iconic Super Mario characters, like Mario himself, will be featured in the game, as well as Rabbids themed after those characters. 

Roberston also went on to suggest that Octolings would finally be coming to Splatoon in the Switch version.