Rumor: Bully 2 is in active development; Agent isn’t dead

The future for Rockstar Games looks bright.

One of the most well-known studios is all the most secretive. Rockstar Games keeps everything hush hush, very rarely does anything super big ever leak out simply because security is tight and people don't want to lose their job. With that said, we here at GameZone have learned something pretty big regarding the studio's future after Red Dead Redemption 2.

This weekend, concept art for Rockstar Games' never released PlayStation 3 exclusive, Agent, surfaced online. There wasn't a ton to take away from it but it showed that the game was more than just a logo. I quickly became fascinated with what little I had actually seen and went searching to know more. After digging for some time, I spoke with a source, who will remain anonymous, who has knowledge of the inner workings of the beloved developer.

I inquired about the concept art and was told that they are indeed real but it was unclear as to when they were made, they told me they weren't really sure but may be able to answer that in the future. As for the content of the drawings, I found myself focused on one particular detail: a flag in the background of the picture below.

Rumor: Bully 2 is in active development; Agent isn't dead

Some speculated that it was either Canada or Peru given the colors but I was told that it was neither. My source wouldn't elaborate on what country it actually is but there's a reason for that. Agent isn't dead. Yes, Agent is indeed still alive within Rockstar Games to some capacity but it won't be their next game after Red Dead Redemption 2 next year… that would be Bully 2.

Bully 2 has also had concept art leaked which my source confirmed was indeed legitimate. "Bully 2 is and has been in development." said my source. It's unclear which Rockstar studio is leading the project, my source probably didn't want to say too much regarding that as not to have anything come back to them. As for when Bully 2 will release, I was told it's been in development for quite a while and is "likely the next game after RDR 2." The focus is currently on Red Dead Redemption 2 as the studio is trying to get the game out the door after the delay which shifted it into 2018.

I reached out to some other sources who have connections to the studio and most were cagey at best and didn't want to discuss it. We're going to continue digging and chasing this story over time but for now, this is exciting news as it shows Rockstar isn't fully abandoning narrative driven games for the more lucrative online business that they've been investing in since Grand Theft Auto V. On top of that, one of their most beloved games is finally getting a sequel and it's not too far off.

Of course, it's understandable if you're a bit skeptical. Believe what you will but we have it on pretty good authority that this is real, game development changes over time though so if Bully 2 for some reason takes the backseat, don't be surprised. Games get canned internally without the public ever knowing about them so it's entirely possible none of this ever sees the light of day but we're pretty confident that it will.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is Rockstar's next game and it'll hit early 2018.