Rumor: Battlefield Bad Company 3 details leak; Game modes, weapons, setting and more

Same person leaked Battlefield 1.

During various earning calls, EA has suggested that we will be seeing the next Battlefield as soon as late 2018 or early 2019. EA hasn't detailed where the franchise will take us next, but it looks like a YouTuber has beaten them to it.

YouTuber AlmightyDaq, the same leaker that leaked Battlefield 1 information before the game was announced, is back with new information, this time regarding the next Battlefield game from DICE. It appears as though AlmightyDaq isn't the only YouTuber who knows this information.

According to AlmightyDaq, the next Battlefield game will be Bad Company 3 and it will feature a faster tempo than Battlefield 1, a higher skill gap, an overall increase of longevity and versatility of gameplay. DICE is seeking to please Infantry and Vehicle players by reintroducing the familiar and skill-heavy gameplay of modern vehicles, while not taking it as far as Battlefield 4.

The game will be announced and revealed at E3 2018, as per usual (says Daq). 

Battlefield Bad Company 3's campaign will be set in various locations that are mid and post-Vietnam conflict. The campaign will also Cold War affiliation. The game will not be entirely historically accurate.

Game Modes:

  • Conquest
  • Capture the flag 
  • Rush
  • Operations
  • Domination
  • Team Death Match
  • 5v5 game mode similar to Squad Obliteration


  • In Battlefield Bad Company 3, DICE is aiming to create tighter gameplay and less all-out warfare. Almightydaq details it as Battlefield Bad Company 2 meets Battlefield 3 gameplay, and to think of the Oasis Harvest Day and Grand Bazaar maps from previous entries.


  • Vietnam and Cold War Era guns 
  • Customization of guns rivals BF4
  • Customization
  • Improved customization of characters, gun, vehicle models (like BF4)


  • Battlefield Bad Company 3 will reintroduce modern tanks, helicopters, and LAVs.


  • Assualt
  • Engineer
  • Support
  • Recon


  • The microtransactions in Bad Company 3 will not be following the footsteps of Star Wars Battlefront 2 and will be more like they were in Battlefield 4's Battle Packs, but can be entirely scrapped following the controversy of Star Wars Battlefront 2