Rumor: Alleged Call of Duty WWII poster calls for November release, PlayStation DLC exclusivity

Eh. Ehhhhhh.

At the end of March, an alleged poster for the upcoming Call of Duty game leaked. The leak, which claimed Call of Duty: WWII is the upcoming game in the franchise, was 'confirmed' by industry insiders and sources close to the project.

Someone has posted a new image for Call of Duty: WWII and claims it to be a copy for printing. Whether or not the image is real is unclear – take it with a grain of salt. A heavy, heavy grain of salt. Perhaps dump a salt truck on it. Without confirmation, any rumor (for anything) should be treated as such. 

Here's the image, which was posted on Reddit – but first noted by a YouTuber:


While the image looks as though it's been taken with a potato, it does read that the game will be releasing on November 3rd with timed exclusive content for PlayStation owners (30 days early access to maps). The release date can be seen above the game's title and the timed-exclusive PlayStation DLC details come from the icon in the right-hand corner of the image.

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The image could easily be fake, however, some netizens popped on their tinfoil hats to give the image the breakdown it deserved. The breakdown consisted of comparing this poster to the leaked image that started it all. See below, via Charlie Intel:

Breakdown WW2