Rumor: A new even slimmer PS4 is on the way

PS4 Pro Slim or PS4 Slimmer?

In early September 2016, Sony revealed the new slimmer iteration of the base PS4. The console released on September 15th, replacing the original model of the PS4. While the slimmer PS4 didn't see as big as a release as Sony probably hoped, it looks like Sony might have another PlayStation up their sleeve. 

According to a report (via WCCF) run by Taiwanese newspaper Digitimes, Sony is planning to release a "thinner" PlayStation 4. The report does not specify if we will be seeing a slimmer version of the PS4 Pro or if it will be an ultra slim version of the already slim PS4 slim. 

The report went on to detail that Microsoft is building Project Scorpio with Pegatron Technology and Flextronics, the same companies that produced previous Xbox consoles. In addition to commenting on Project Scorpio, the report also mentioned on the Nintendo Switch's sales.