Rule with Kamehameha Power in Civ V’s Latest DLC

Civilization V has another pack of downloadable content coming, and it’s right around the corner. Not to be topped by the onslaught of DLC from games like Dead Space 2 and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Firaxis is bringing a new civilization and scenario as well as free multiplayer maps to the addictive strategy game. The pack arrives March 3 and it’ll cost you $4.99.

The Civilization and Scenario Pack: Polynesia brings the leader Kamehameha, unifier of Hawaii in 1791, to a new scenario called Paradise Found. In the scenario, players assume control over one of the Polynesian kingdoms, either choosing to unite or conquer the others. Special rules for the scenario make expansion quicker than usual, but you’ll be impeded by a dearth of land.

As a separate bonus, players will receive a free multiplayer map pack on March 3. The pack brings three new maps to the game: Skirmish, a one vs. one map; Ring, a map based on flanking your opponents; and Ancient Lake, a map that hides a secret..

I can’t imagine needing more from Civilization V—it’s a huge game—but the support the title is getting from Firaxis is great. Will you be picking this up when it comes out in a few days?