Rule The Galaxy! Starships Unlimited v3 Released!

Rule The Galaxy! Starships Unlimited v3

Award Winning Sci Fi Strategy Sequel Available

Staten Island, NY, November 10th 2005 – Matrix
Games is pleased to announce the release of Ape Zone’s ( ) Starships
Unlimited v3. Matrix Games published the previous game in the acclaimed space
strategy game series under the title Starships Unlimited: Divided Galaxies,
which was well received by gamers and the press alike. Starships Unlimited v3 is
now available direct through the Matrix Games Online store.

Starships Unlimited v3 is a space exploration,
colonization and conquest game where you control every aspect of your expansion
across the galaxy. Every ship you construct may be customized from around 200
different technologies. From the weapons to the shields and hull, the decision
is yours. The potential designs are unlimited and the number of star systems you
have to explore can range from just a few to well over one hundred. Conquer
space through might of arms, diplomacy and economy, or maybe a little

David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix
Games, said, “Starships Unlimited v3 represents a major improvement in the
evolution of the Starships Unlimited series. Major new features have
significantly improved gameplay, game balance and replayability while an
improved user interface makes it easy to manage.”

Unlike many other games of galactic exploration,
conquest, economics and diplomacy, Starships Unlimited v3 focuses on a small
number of unique starships, each with different crew mixes and different
technologies. These ships and their crews are the heroes of this science fiction
epic, boldly exploring the unknown, dealing with alien races and helping your
people expand to new worlds.

Andrew Ewanchyna, Developer of Starships
Unlimited v3, stated, “It’s been a pleasure working with Matrix Games again on a
new version of Starships Unlimited. I look forward to hearing from gamers as
they explore the galaxy and discover the addictive and fun gameplay that
Starships Unlimited v3 is all about.”

Starships Unlimited v3 will be familiar to fans
of the original, but with significant improvements. For starters, exploration
has been expanded to four ages of exploration rather than one, with planets
revealing more of their secrets as your ability to explore them improves. The
focus of exploration is now more peaceful and scientific and allows all races to
eventually reach new technology ages through exploration and diligent research.
Espionage now includes different types of spies and additional missions, while
making the process of recruiting and monitoring your spies easier to manage. New
technologies abound as well, including new freighter and colony ship types,
larger starships, deathray weapons, hyper drive and defensive fighter flak.
Finances are now more challenging and based on skilled labor costs and games can
now be limited to a range of technological ages.

Finally, the user interface and graphics have
been revamped and the computer opponents have been made more challenging,
including more possible skill level settings so that you can adjust them to your
desired difficulty.

Explore the stars! Experience the original and
epic gameplay of Starships Unlimited v3!

Starships Unlimited v3 is now available through
the Matrix Games Online store for digital download at US$ 24.99. Boxed copies
will be available next week. Both the download and boxed versions of Starships
Unlimited v3 come with a new fully updated color PDF manual.

Simultaneous with this release, sale of Starships
Unlimited: Divided Galaxies has been discontinued by Matrix Games to avoid
confusion with the new and improved Starships Unlimited v3.

For more information check out the main Matrix
Games site at