RPG sensation Disco Elysium just got better with new game mode

Good just got better

Indie developer ZA/UM has pushed a new update to their critically-acclaimed RPG game Disco Elysium. With the addition of a Hardcore mode and ultrawide support, there’s even more reason to give one of the best games of last year a try. Here’s a trailer detailing the update!

These days, it’s hard to find a game that doesn’t feature RPG elements. Whether it’s stat upgrades or multiple-option conversation, game designers have adopted many RPG features into even the most AAA titles. But with that, the genre has been somewhat watered down for gamers who appreciate no-compromise role-playing games that go all-in on the core of the genre.

With genre giants like BioWare and Bethesda experiencing an identity crisis in recent years by losing focus on what made them so beloved in the first place, leave it to the indie scene to carry the torch of great RPG gaming. Ukraine-based developer ZA/UM did exactly that and delivered a hallmark title that is going to stand right next to fellow RPG games like Baldur’s Gate and Star Wars: KOTOR. Disco Elysium is the breakout hit of 2019 which has swept accolades and awards like few other titles of the past year.

Again, Hardcore Mode isn’t for everyone. But if you’ve loved this strange story in this forgotten city, it’s a way to experience it from a new perspective — a Martinaise perspective. For those of us here at ZA/UM, who’ve already spent hundreds of hours playing, this new mode been a wonderful chance to revisit the game in a fresh way.

Now, the PC-exclusive RPG has gotten just better with the addition of ultrawide support befitting of the PC gaming scene and a Hardcore mode. As the name already gives away, this is meant for gamers who want a brutal experience where decisions matter more than ever. Items are more expensive, decisions have more drastic outcomes and failure is punished more severely.

You can get Disco Elysium on Steam or GOG where it is currently discounted 20% at just $31.99.