Rovio is staying put in Finland despite rumors of a move

Angry Birds developer Rovio Entertainment says it's keeping its headquarters in Espoo, Finland, contrary to a previous report.

CEO Mikael Hed had told The Irish Times last week that the company was "considering" relocating to Ireland to take advantage of the lower tax rate — 12.5 percent compared to the 24 percent it pays now.

Rovio has now denied the movie, saying that the publication had a "a clear agenda" and that Hed's answer was merely "hypothetical."

"The story was rather unfortunately taken out of context from a purely speculative conversation," Ville Heijari, Rovio's VP of franchise development, told Edge. "We've had contact from Irish authorities regarding international business opportunities, as has presumably every other company in our business."

The Irish Times has not corrected the original article as of this writing.

Rovio is currently working on its next title, Amazing Alex, and Activision is preparing a HD release of the popular Angry Birds for consoles.

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