ROOM star Jacob Tremblay has been cast in Predator reboot

I ain't scared of no man

The Predator reboot keeps getting bigger with new cast announcements, and today we have even one more to add. 

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that childhood star Jacob Tremblay, known for his role in ROOM, has been cast in the film. Tremblay will play the son of Boyd Holbrook, the marine who finds out aliens are in his suburban town and no one believes him. His son will have a failry substantial role according to the report, as he is autistic and has an innate ability to learn new languages, such as those the Predators speak. 

Yesterday we learned that Punisher actor Thomas Jane had also joined the film for an unknown role aa well. Despite the first film taking place in the jungle, this reboot will feature a setting more suburban similar to the Danny Glover sequel. 

Production will begin next month prior to its release in theaters February 9th, 2018