Rolling Stone publisher to launch gaming site ‘Glixel’

October launch on the horizon

Rolling Stone's parent company Wenner Media has announced that the company will launch a new gaming website called 'Glixel,' with its first newsletter rolling out this week. 

As reported by The New York Times, Wenner Media are looking to get the Glixel project up and running by October this year. 

Speaking to the newspaper, Gus Wenner said: "In my mind, gaming is today what rock 'n' roll was when Rolling Stone was founded." 

Wenner's comments were seemingly echoed this week by George Taylor from the Huffington Post, who discussed the shift in public perception and identified how gaming has – to his understanding – quickly become more popular than both music and film.'

Glixel is expected to run a number of feature articles, reviews, interviews and will even feature video content too. 

The site's general manager, John Davison, has been involved in editing posts for GamePro, GameSpot, the Official Playstation Magazine and Electronic Gaming Monthly – seemingly bringing a lot of experience to the table. 

Commenting on the focus of Glixel, Davison said: "We want to make it very much about the people – not just the people that make games, but the people that play them."