Rogue Spear: Black Thorn WebSite Live

The fight against terrorism has a
new home… at

Someone is recreating terrorism’s
most violent acts, and RAINBOW is back on the job. But this new, deadly enemy
knows how RAINBOW thinks, how RAINBOW acts, and how to stay one step ahead…
Rogue Spear veterans and rookies alike should point their web browsers to
for regular updates.

Current Intel Includes:

Images: Visual Intel on the task
facing Team Rainbow

Video: Watch Team Rainbow in action
as they tackle each dangerous mission. Forthcoming Intel Updates will include:

Interviews: The people that make
Team Rainbow the force they are today share their secrets.

Weapons information: The tools Team
Rainbow need to get the job done.

Artwork and Wallpaper that will
bring your desktop up to current Team Rainbow guidelines. Exclusive competitions
that will help determine if candidates are equal to the task of joining Team
Rainbow, or if they are just cannon fodder.