Rocksteady’s marketing manager teases upcoming project

People can’t wait!

The Arkham series is one of the most beloved video game franchise known by players. Not only was it a big success for the studio, but it took superhero video games to a whole new level with excellent storytelling and immersive gameplay that makes you feel like the character.

Since the end of the Arkham series, Rocksteady has been working on their next project. There are some rumors that it will be a game based on Damian Wayne, Batman’s son, or it could be a Superman/Justice League game, none of which have yet to be confirmed.

Whatever Rocksteady’s secret project is, people can’t wait to know more about it. For that reason, Gaz Deaves (Marketing Manager from Rocksteady) asks fans to “be patient”. He took to Twitter to say “we're not talking right now… but when we do, people are going to lose their minds.”

He didn’t give more information about what people will lose their minds about so all we can do is trust in their experience and hard work. Keep your fingers crossed for a possible tease at PlayStation's PlayStation Experience event in December or the Game Awards. We may even have to wait until E3 2018. 

Gaz Deaves tweet