Rockstar Games Announces Release Date for Midnight Club: Los Angeles

April 21, 2008

Games Announces Release Date for Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Open-world street racing series debuts on next
generation consoles September 9th and 12th for North America and Europe

Rockstar Games is proud to announce the fourth
installment of its critically-acclaimed and genre-defining Midnight Club
franchise, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, is set for release on September 9th in
North America and September 12th in Europe. Developed by series creator Rockstar
San Diego, Midnight Club: Los Angeles will give gamers the unprecedented freedom
to race through a hyper-realistic LA.

"From the beginning, Midnight Club has been about
street racing in a open-world," said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games.
"With our team at Rockstar San Diego we have developed a game that we feel once
again pushes the boundaries and expectations of what a racing game can be."

Whether driving by the beach or beating the
competition by cutting through a parking garage at 200 mph, Midnight Club: Los
Angeles provides a seamless, breathtaking environment for everyone who loves to
compete. With no load times, no tracks, and no rules, the game allows players to
race who they want, when they want, and where they want in an unbelievable
recreation of Los Angeles.

"People are going to be blown away when they see
how true-to-life Los Angeles looks in this game," said Jay Panek, Midnight Club
Producer Rockstar San Diego. "We’ve added some great twists and turns that let
players experience the authentic vibe and feel of the city at blistering speeds
that you simply couldn’t get away with in real life."

A racing game is nothing without the great cars
and Midnight Club: Los Angeles allows extensive customization of vehicles for
both performance and appearance. Players can now fully personalize their
officially licensed imports, tuners, classic muscle cars and motorcycles both
inside and out with a dizzying array of licensed rims, spoilers, interior
gauges, tires and more.

Also scheduled for release on September 9th,
Midnight Club: LA Remix for the PSP system will provide another incredible
portable racing experience. Developed by Rockstar London, the game will take
full advantage of the hardware to deliver the unrivaled sense of speed and style
that the best-selling Midnight Club series is known for.

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