Rockstar Games Annouces Beaterator


Rockstar proudly presents Beaterator – a
groundbreaking new Flash-based music sequencer, sampler and mixer built to work
right in your browser.


Continuing in the tradition of Rockstar’s
celebrations of artistic endeavor on the web, such as Upload and 2001’s
Rhymerator, Beaterator gives anyone with an internet connection and Macromedia
Flash the ability to craft advanced, original beats… and walk away with them
as mp3s.

Beaterator gives the average Joe production abilities that previously never
existed freely on the Internet.  8 tracks of sequencing, 4 tracks of original
loop crafting down to the 16th note, 240 bar limit, full BPM control, ability
to upload your own samples, ability to save out as an mp3, an advanced effects
module, original sound bank comprised of hundreds of loops, drum kit sounds,
synth and string stabs and more provided by production gurus Steinski, Matthew
Dear, Juan Atkins, Avee & 3D and King Britt. 
This thing, for better or for worse, is going to have every knucklehead on the
internet thinking they could very well be the next Derrick May or Pharrell

It’s all for free – and registration is only needed if you’d like to save your

Just don’t forget to thank us in those liner