Rockstar shows off more Max Payne 3 multiplayer gameplay

Do you not have enough gritty storytelling and intense gunplay in your life?  Are you use to just having that in your single player but NOT your multiplayer?  If either of these situations are the case, boy is Max Payne 3 for you!  A story mode in a multiplayer deathmatch-esque gameplay seems nearly unheard of.  Rockstar is bringing it though.    

The noir narrative we all know and love from the Max Payne series carries over into even the multiplayer of max Payne 3.  No, this is not only when you play as Max but also when you roll with your crew, in deathmatches, and in story driven multiplayer modes. 

Gang wars uses scenes from the single player campaign to set up multiplayer scenarios.  Each match of gang wars consist of 5 chapters.  The outcome of each chapter is dynamic and affects the next round.  Winning the previous round gives you an edge in the next.  This leads to a sort of story driven match instead of the same old thing each time.

The vendetta system allows you to attempt to get an exp bonus for taking out the player who’s been giving you trouble.  If someone kills you two times in a row you can declare that player as your vendetta.  This will show you where that player is to make it easier for you to kill them.  If you succeed you get an XP bonus.  If that player you picked as your vendetta still kills you, they get the XP boost. 

Bursts are something you get from leveling up; each burst has three levels and each level requires more adrenaline to activate.  These perks can include making your foes drop primed grenades, getting a devastating arsenal out of nowhere, or even tricking the other team to believe you are one of them for a bit.

Crews are a large ground of players running amuck together is a customized format.  These crews can be public or privately made.  Playing in a crew unlocks you more XP match which will help with your busts and weapon unlocks.  The crew experience can even spread over to other Rockstar games to help in mysterious ways down the future.  Oh, and you can set up crews vs. crews to see which rampaging horde is truly the best.

If this part of the Max Payne 3 multiplayer series doesn’t get you pumped for the newest title of the series, I’m not sure what will.