Rockstar San Diego hiring for new ‘open world’ game

Rockstar San Deigo, the developers behind Red Dead Redemption and Smuggler's Run, appears to be hiring for a new "open world" game.  The positions, which were posted on Gamasutra over the weekend, include Tools Programmer, Gameplay Programmer, and Network Programmer.

As for the individual postings, the networking programmer position calls for someone who "specializes in the synchronization of the wide range of gameplay mechanics found in a Rockstar open world game."

The gameplay programmer must be ready for "the challenges posed by large scale open worlds with complex AI and physics. General programming skills are a must and knowledge of animation, camera, AI and physics problems and solutions gain bonus points."

The third position, tools programmer, doesn't necessarily say anything about an open world game, but looks for someone "responsible for developing art and design content creation pipelines."

As of right now, there is no indication as to what the title could be.  While it could be a sequel to the successful 2010 open world Red Dead Redemption, it could very well be a new IP also. 

It should also be noted that there was no mention of the words "next-gen".