Rockstar ‘planning’ for Max Panye 3 DLC

These days it's almost a given that a blockbuster game will get some form of DLC post-release.  Not only does it provide extra revenue for publishers and developers, but it extends the game experience for fans (usually).

Maxy Payne 3 will be no different.  In an updated Q&A, Rockstar Games responded to fans questions about DLC for their upcoming action shooter Max Payne 3.  It's kind of funny that the game isn't even here yet and now even fans are asking about DLC. 

"It’s great to see hardcore Max Payne fans such as yourself getting excited for the game’s release – as we’ve said before, we’re working very hard to ensure a faithful but still fresh and new Max Payne title for you all," Rockstar said in response to fans praising the Max Payne series.

"As for future looking downloadable content, it’s a bit early yet for us to confirm exactly what shape Max Payne 3 DLC might take as we’re still in the planning stages for that," they said.  So while we don't know what shape the DLC will take place in, we do know there will at least be some.

Rockstar confirmed, "Yes we do plan to support Max Payne 3 with content post-release to properly extend the game experience for fans."

Of course, given Rockstar's history with DLC, we had to expect there'd be some type of post-release downloadable content.  I think the key word there is "properly".  Don't just throw in some random skin packs and slap a DLC label on it.  Give the fans what they want, content that expands the story and universe of Max Payne. 

With Max Payne 3 expected to release next month, I imagine will hear more about DLC in the near future.  But in the meantime, what kind of DLC would you like to see from Rockstar?