Rockstar on releasing GTA 5 this console generation: ‘We’re a content company, not a hardware company’

Grand Theft Auto 5 has the distinction of being able to generate a ton of hype without actually being overly hyped by Rockstar Games. Every little bit of news that trickles out is enough to make fans go bonkers, and rightfully so. For over a decade, the Grand Theft Auto series has provided consistently impressive gameplay experiences, and the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5 just might be another notch in Rockstar's belt.

Of course, there are definitely a few individuals wondering why the publisher didn't just start developing the game for the next generation of hardware. While it would be very easy for Rockstar to wait out the rest of the current console cycle and release its open world crime game on the next Xbox and PlayStation platforms, that isn't exactly the company's style.

"Rockstar is a content company, not a hardware company," explained Rockstar President Sam Houser. "We use the technology we have to create content, and we try not to let ourselves get beholden to the hardware. The fact that hardware's so mature right now is exactly why we're able to go on to the next level."

According to Houser, Rockstar has been able to really use the current technology to its full advantage to deliver a game of the utmost quality. "GTA 4 was our first attempt at a new platform and HD visuals, so the first part of development was seriously difficult," he said. "Now we know what the hardware's capable of, so it's become a lot easier to move things along and a lot more fun, too. GTA: San Andreas came out at the peak of the PlayStation 2's cycle, and we put out a really good game thanks to that."

San Andreas really was the biggest Grand Theft Auto game of its console generation. Houser's comparison between that classic and the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5 is sure to get fans even more stoked for the game. Rockstar has already stated that this will be its biggest entry in the franchise yet, and after watching the latest trailer, it's hard to argue with the fact that it certainly has the potential to be exactly that.


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