Rockstar is currently looking over your submitted photos for the GTA 5 cameo

The application period to submit a photo in hopes of earning a a cameo in Grand Theft Auto 5 has come to a close, and Rockstar is currently looking over the submissions. Rockstar — or The Epsilon Group, rather — has sent an email today confirming the process. Here's what it said:

Dear friend,

You've just made the best decision of your entire life. In fact, you've made the best decision anyone has made for a trillion years or more. If you were to live for another billion years, you would not make a better decision. In fact, you will now live for a billion years. You've become an Epsilonist. Kifflom! It's officially America's fastest growing religion and you've just proven what an independent thinker you are, by jumping on board. Prepare to be in 37,000 (yes, 37,000!) places all at once. Prepare to be amazed. This is the best thing you've ever done. You've joined an organization so powerful the government just tried to ban us. Of course, they failed. Nothing will stop us, in this Paradigm or the next. Welcome, brother-brother or sister-sister (delete as appropriate – but this is not a form letter – we're testing you – knowledge IS power, so we hope you know if you're a brother-brother or a sister-sister, because knowledge, just like charity, starts at home!)

A very small number of of our recent recruits, (based on Cris' unique intuition), will be invited to join a special scholarship program of advanced Epsilonism in Los Santos – should you be one of them, Cris or another senior Epsilonist will contact you personally in a month or so. Either by telepathy or email or probably both!

You have much to be excited about your new life. The most exciting thing of all is that you are about to get literally hundreds of opportunities to invest in your future by studying one of our reasonably priced courses in personal learning and salvation.

Most top celebrities and intellectuals have joined us on this journey. Now you have too. Soon, you may be one of them.

Kifflom one and all,

Your new best friend,

Cris Formage

The winner will be cast as one of the five Epsilon Program members in Grand Theft Auto 5. For those unfamiliar the Epsilon Program is a mock religious group in the Grand Theft Auto series. The group cult-like group was heavily featured in GTA: San Andreas while vaguely referenced in GTA 4. With Grand Theft Auto 5 set in a fictional version of Los Angeles, which just so happens to be the birthplace of Scientology, there is speculation that L. Ron Hubbard's shady religious cult group could play a large role in GTA 5.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is due out on September 17 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.