Rockstar hard at work on “Next version of a famous IP”

Grand Theft Auto 5 came, went (not really), and broke some records. Seriously, this game killed. With all the success, it's only natural that Rockstar is supposedly working on something new. 

According to this Kotaku post, Senior Graphics Engineer, Doron Feinstein of Rockstar has updated his LinkedIn page stating that Rockstar has begun work on the "Next version of a famous IP."

Get your hype hats ready.

Obviously this could mean a bunch of things. It could possibly mean more DLC for GTA 5, since technically the two DLCs for GTA 4 were standalone titles. It could also mean that we could be seeing a third entry into the Red Dead universe, which a ton of fans have been clamoring for. Could it possibly be a Bully sequel? Either way, whatever Rockstar is working on, it's sure to please its dedicated fanbase.

Just don't let it be a sequel to Table Tennis… I don't think my heart could take that disappointment.