Rocket League is getting a hat conversion system, player-to-player trading coming soon

Bring me more hats!!

rocket league gz

Rocket League knows that the people loves hats and that the players want more hats, so they have made a system making it even easier to get hats!

A little while ago Psyonix changed up the system for getting hats. The system allowed players to get multiple of the same hats, something the community wasn't too fond of so they decided to make players able to use those hats as well.

The hats are classed after their rarities like "Uncommon," "Rare," and "Very Rare," and the new system will allow players to trade in five hats of one rarity class for one new hat in the next tier of rarity. So if players combine five Uncommon hats they will get one Rare hat, and so on, giving those extra hats a use other than collecting cyber dust in the cyber garage.

Psyonix also said that player-to-player trading will be implemented in a future update which will eventually allow players to trade hats with other players. Such a trading system might be more worth while for special hats like "Painted" or "Certified" instead of just combining them into one better hat.

Who knows, maybe Rocket League can become even more hat crazy than Team Fortress 2.