Rocket League getting auto-bans for language; Denying Season 4 Rewards for game exploiters

Go get 'em tiger.

Rocket League developer Psyonix celebrated their second release anniversary towards the beginning of July with a content filled update. About a month later, Psyonix is back with another update and it's targeting foul mouthed players.

The next update will be adding to Rocket League's harassment management system, which includes 'Player Mute'  and 'Report' systems which can be accessed during the match. The upcoming patch will be taking this system a step forward with automated bans.

The automated ban system, titled 'Language Ban,' will automatically ban players from online matches when they use certain words and are reported by players. The ban will start at 24 and escalate from there to72 hours, one week, and finally, a permanent ban.

Psyonix will not be making the list of words on the Language Ban public, however, the list currently has over 20 words and variants and will evolve with time.

In addition to the automated ban, Psyonix has denied "Season 4 Rewards to several hundreds of players at the end of Competitive Season 4." The reward denial is a product of players being found "abusing the matchmaking system to increase their rank (such as gaming the system to force a win or a loss, etc)" and Psyonix will not reward those players for their actions.

You can appeal the reward denial by reaching out to Psyonix here,, or via @RL_Support on Twitter.