Rock Band Brings The Best Real World Gear to Rock Band 2

September 18, 2008

Rock Band Brings The Best Real World Gear to
Rock Band 2

Licensed Partners Instrumental to the
Authentic Rock Experience

Harmonix and MTV Games announced today a new
lineup of musical instrument manufacturers whose premier products will be
appearing in Rock Band 2. Joining the list of amazing in-game instruments from
the original Rock Band, will be real world microphones, new guitars and an array
of industry leading drumsets from some of the music industry’s most prolific

“We believe that working closely with our musical
instrument partners is crucial to our mission to deliver the most authentic
music experience possible,” stated Greg LoPiccolo, Vice President of Product
Development, Harmonix Music Systems. “Whether it’s picking out your P Bass,
finding the right finish & hardware for your drums, or choosing the best
microphone for your singer’s style, having real world instruments included
within the world of Rock Band 2 is essential.”

The full list of musical instrument partners
included is as follows:

Guitars, Basses and Amplifiers:

  • Fender (Including Charvel, Gretsch, Jackson,
    Squier, SWR)


  • DW
  • Gretsch Drums
  • Ludwig/Conn-Selmer
  • Pearl
  • SJC Custom Drum
  • Zildjian Cymbals


  • Selnnheiser
  • Shure

Accessories / Additional Instruments:

  • Ernie Ball
  • Electro-Harmonix
  • EMG Pickups
  • Fender
  • Ludwig Drumsticks
  • Pro-Mark
  • Roland/BOSS
  • Vater Drumsticks
  • Vic Firth
  • ZVEX

Rock Band 2 features the largest music catalogue
of any music-based videogame to date including over 100 songs on the Rock Band 2
soundtrack with an unrivaled blend of classic and new artists including AC/DC,
Guns ‘N Roses, Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam, Motorhead and more! With the addition of
complete and immediate backwards compatibility for songs purchased from Rock
Band’s ever-expanding online music store and the ability to export most songs
from the original Rock Band disc, the Rock Band music library will feature more
than 500 songs by year’s end.

The Rock Band online music store recently
surpassed 21 million paid downloads since the game’s launch in late November
2007. With more than 300 tracks available to date via disc and download purchase
(complete list of tracks at
), the massive Rock Band Music Store allows players to
preview and purchase downloadable individual music tracks, packs and albums from
the vast selection of offerings available as they build their own custom Rock
Band library.

Rock Band 2 is rated “T” for Teen with
descriptors of lyrics and suggestive themes by the ESRB.

For more information on Rock Band and Harmonix
Music Systems please visit