Rock Band 4 release date revealed with Xbox One ‘Band-in-a-Box Software Bundle’

Pre-order and get 34 additional tracks to rock out to

Harmonix still hasn't officially announced a release date for Rock Band 4, but thanks to an Amazon listing for an Xbox One bundle — perhaps posted in anticipation of a formal announcement coming today — we know now that it's coming on October 6, 2015.

**Update: The Band-in-a-Box Software Bundle is also available for PlayStation 4**

Assuming the listing is legit — and we have no reason to believe otherwise — Rock Band 4 will release on that date, and Xbox One owners will be able to purchase the "Band-in-a-Box Software Bundle" which includes the game and all of the musical instruments you'll need to start your band (Guitar, Drum Kit, and Microphone) for $249.99.

Rock Band 4 Band-in-a-Box

According to the listing, Rock Band 4 will launch with over 60 new songs, and pre-ordering the Band-in-a-Box Bundle (or the yet-to-be-revealed Rock Band 4 Fender Statocaster Guitar Software Bundle) will add an additional 34 playable tracks through the "Song Pack."

Additionally, Amazon's pre-order will include 4 exclusive tracks:

  • Alabama Shakes "Don't Wanna Fight"
  • Breaking Benjamin "Failure"
  • Death From Above 1979 "Trainwreck 1979"
  • The Pretty Reckless "Follow Me Down"

While none of this is confirmed, I expect it will be later today when the E3 press conferences begin.