RoboCop delayed to 2014

RoboCop has had controversy surrounding the film throughout production so far. Whether it was the casting and uncasting of Hugh Laurie, the director saying working on the film was hell, or controversy around the look of RoboCop — it has been a bumpy ride. For multiple reasons — one of them being the release date of the Matt Damon sci-fi thriller Elysium pushed back from March 1, 2013 to August 9, 2013 — RoboCop has been delayed. August 9, 2013 was the original release date of RoboCop, so it makes sense that Sony Pictures wanted to find a new release date for RoboCop.

The remake of the Detroit cop turned crime-fighting cyborg will now hit theaters on February 7, 2014. It's more than a year away, but it will give the crew more time for all of the post-production effects. And maybe they'll change how RoboCop looks a tiny bit. Here's wishful thinking.

Maybe this will also give director Jose Padilha more time to implement ideas he had that the studio shot down.

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[Source: EntertainmentWeekly]