Road to Ballhalla is out now and will do everything it can to divert you from salvation

Sometimes it's nice to see a game be a dick to you in good fun

Road to Ballhalla has no intention of being nice to you. Where most games attempt to empower you, some to the point where it feels like a dog is humping your leg, Road to Ballhalla exists to do the opposite. The game is a rolling puzzler packed full of deadly traps that are both obvious and devious. Sometimes you will see them coming from a mile away, other times, the omniscient text will attempt to "guide you" to a place where you don't want to go.

Here's a semi-official description from an official press release:

"Roll your way through a journey of hazards, pitfalls, and self-defamation. Invent fun, new curse words while attempting to avoid deadly traps. Fail miserably at life as you try fruitlessly to stay on track. And navigate baffling puzzles as an omniscient presence mocks your total ineptitude."

Road to Ballhalla is available on Steam and retails for $14.99 but you can grab the game at a 10% discount right now for $13.49.