Risen is Getting a Pirate-themed Sequel

Piranha Bites has announced exciting news for RPG fans today, revealing that a sequel to their 2009 RPG Risen is on the way. The sequel, entitled Risen 2: Dark Waters, adds a new emphasis on seafaring and pirates to the fantasy world of Risen.

Risen 2 takes place several years after the events of the first game, with humanity ravaged by an apocalypse of sorts that’s left them in dire straits. Sticking to the dark waters theme, the sea has become infested with creatures that threaten what remains of an already thinned-out population. You, as the hero, must follow a lead that will take you to a pirate clan that knows a way to defeat the monsters.

The world will be split into a variety of themed islands, with sea travel presumably one of the new aspects, though nothing has been confirmed. Piranha Bites looks to maintain the best elements of the original (which our review called a “a solid, if flawed, RPG”), and retain the focus on multi-faceted quests. The game will also be built in a new engine, hopefully one that keeps technical issues in the console versions to a minimum.

The game is planned for PC and console release, but no solid release date has been provided. Piranha Bites and publisher Deep Silver were also unspecific about which consoles the game will be headed to. Xbox 360 seems like a safe bet, since the original was on there, but it’s safe to say a PS3 version is in the cards as well.

Along with the announcement, Piranha Bites also included some nifty concept art that happens to look a whole lot like screenshots. They’re not, but if this is an indication of the direction they’re going in, it looks very promising. Check them out below:

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