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your knowledge of the strange, the bizarre and the unexpected in Ripley’s
Believe It or Not!(r) from Sierra.


Wash. – June 5, 2001 – Sierra(tm) today announced the release of Ripley’s
Believe It or Not!(r), a one-of-a-kind trivia game software title that is sure
to intrigue, fascinate and shock players. Players try to answer hundreds of
unusual questions based on Ripley’s archives in an effort to accumulate more
IQ Points than their counterparts. This collection of specialized content,
along with music from the original TV show and the familiar voice of Jack
Palance as the game mediator, make for a distinctly "Ripley’s"
gaming experience.


Believe It or Not!(r) caters to people’s fascination with the obscure and
weird, and as unbelievable as much of it is, all the content is
authentic," said Heidi McCory, associate brand manager for Sierra
On-Line. "Thought your family was a little weird? Wait until you see what
Mr. Ripley has unearthed!"


Believe It or Not!(r) features: 

Compelling original content, including photographs, music and trivia from
Ripley’s archive of the odd, unusual and just plain weird. 

A party game that challenges up to four players with four question types –
Things You Shouldn’t Know, Believe It or Not!, Odditorium, and Things You
Shouldn’t See. 

750 questions and 50 unique games relating to the unusual and bizarre. 

Stylized graphics, animations, and the celebrity voice of Jack Palance create
a gaming atmosphere true to Ripley’s turn-of-the-century office.


as the modern day Marco Polo and a real-life Indiana Jones, Robert Ripley
visited over 190 countries, seeking out the strange, the shocking and the
uniquely beautiful. Whether as a television show, cartoon strip, or museum,
the collection of pictures and stories from Mr. Ripley’s travels has amazed
audiences for 80 years, and reflect the most amazing and extreme realities.


Believe It or Not!(r) fans also have the opportunity to receive five free
tickets to any Ripley’s Believe It or Not!(r) museum when they buy one
full-price admission ticket. Coupons can be found inside boxes of Ripley’s
Believe It or Not!(r) and redeemed at most of the 40 museums nationwide.


Believe It or Not!(r) is available for Windows(r) 95/98/2000/Me for $19.95 at
local software retailers, by calling 800-757-7707, or by visiting



Sierra On-Line, Inc., a studio of Vivendi
Universal Publishing and part of its Games division, is one of the original
developers and largest worldwide publishers of interactive entertainment and
productivity software. Sierra is renowned for releasing critically acclaimed
and award winning titles that represent a wide variety of computer
entertainment on both next generation console and PC platforms.



Signatures Network, representing Ripley’s Believe It or Not!(r), is a
leading entertainment licensing and event merchandising company that holds the
merchandising and marketing rights to more than 125 top celebrities, artists
and entertainment properties. Signatures Network is dedicated to expanding its
franchises by bringing the experiences and interations between artists and
their fans to a new level through its expansive product and service offerings.
In partnership with Ripley Entertainment, Inc., Signatures has developed a
highly successful licensing program for Ripley’s. In addition to this exciting
new video game release from Sierra Online, the program includes: books with
Scholastic, Frommer’s, and Black Dog & Leventhal; a live stage show with
On-Stage Entertainment; video slot games with Mikohn; board games with
University Games; and many others.



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