Riot Games: Normal Draft Mode Here To Stay

For fans who enjoy the League of Legends ‘Draft Mode’ strategy, but don’t enjoy ranked games, Riot Games was listening. What started off as a solution to appease Ranked match players during the Ranked downtime, has now been officially introduced as an option for Normal matches. Riot announced on their site, “As a part of our ongoing commitment to making League of Legends an even more fun and awesome experience for players of all preferences, we are officially introducing Draft Mode into Normal Games!”

This option allows gamers to enjoy pro-style gameplay without any impact on your ELO or ranked rating.

For those unfamiliar with how Draft Mode works, at champion select, each team has one player that is designated as the captain. The two captains will then have the opportunity to ban champions from play. Following the bans, teams will then take turns selecting the remaining champions, with every choice visible to the opposition so they can counter-pick as they see fit. This type of insight makes for more well-rounded matches and reactive gameplay.

This is a great way for League of Legends beginners to test out the ‘Draft Mode’ without actually diving straight into ranked gameplay. This is the perfect opportunity for players to learn the ropes and strategies to draft gameplay. Draft Mode creates a more strategic style of gameplay because you can react to enemy team’s picks, as opposed to Blind Mode in which you have no idea who you’re going to be up against. This will allow you to pick counter-champions.