Riot Teases New League of Legends Champion, Shyvana the Half-Dragon

Just the other week, Riot introduced Graves, the Outlaw, to League of Legends. Staying true to their two week schedule, Riot has already begun teasing the next new champion entering the Fields of Justice.  Known has Shyvana, the Half-Dragon, the new champion proves that not all justice is noble and shiney.

Riot Games has released the first images teasing the new vicious champion.

Judging by the name and character build, Shyvana appears to be half-dragon, half woman.  The best part about her is that both of those forms are pretty vicious and deadly.  Nothing else was revealed about the new champion, but I can see them going two ways with her.  Even though she's half-dragon, it looks as if Shyvana has two forms: her normal human form, and her dragon form.  I would venture to guess that she will work similar to Nidalee's cat form.

Shyvana, the Half-Dragon looks to be a pretty unique addition to the League of Legends battlefield.  And it appears as if she'll have some Demacian enemies in her backstory.  In the images above we can see Jarvan and Garen getting ready to confront Shyvana.

What are your thoughts on Shyvana, the Half-Dragon?