Riot sues League of Legend bot/hack service for “serious and irreparable harm”

It's ruining the community in League of Legends.

If you've played an online game before, you have probably come across the lecherous hacker. The person that doesn't mind cheating to attain victory. Riot is taking offense to one botting and hacking group that has persisted with violating the terms of service of League of Legends and is ruining the community that keeps the game going.

According to the lawsuit filed with the United States District Court for the Central District of California, Riot is taking LeagueSharp (L#) to court. Why? "L# represents an enormous threat to LoL and is causing serious and irreparable harm to Riot and its valuable player community," according to the suit (via Rift Herald).

"L# is a service and software product that is specifically designed to enable a subset of LoL players who do not wish to play fair to gain substantial unfair advantages over legitimate players (in other words, to cheat). Among other things, L# enables its users to abuse LoL by allowing them to, for example, see hidden information; “automate” gameplay to perform in the game with enhanced or inhuman accuracy; and accumulate levels, experience, and items at a rate that is not possible for a normal human player.

"…Defendants’ conduct is willful, deliberate, and malicious and is designed to harm Riot and its player community…Defendants also have engaged in repeated attacks on Riot’s game servers, have counseled their customers about how to cheat in LoL without being caught, and have advised customers to fraudulently dispute their in-game LoL transactions. "

L# allows users to pay a monthly subscription to access cheats and bots that help win matches and level up accounts, according the law suit. Riot tried requesting L# to stop their botting and hacking, but they didn't… which caused Riot to sue them.

It wasn't just the botting though, Riot's own employee was allegedly targeted by L# or people working with them. 

"Then, Defendants or those working in concert with them disseminated personal and non-public information about a Riot employee, threatened that employee, and posted offensive comments on the employee’s social media. 

Since the lawsuit, L# has attempted to hide incriminating evidence. L# has 21 days to respond to the suit.