Riot Games unveils tactical FPS, League of Legends for mobile and more

Gunning for Blizzard's throne

Riot Games has unloaded a barrage of game announcements and teases surrounding their hugely popular action-strategy hit League of Legends. The American developer is celebrating 10 years of LoL and it looks like the future of the franchise is just starting with a slew of spin-off games across a wide range of genres. If you have 50 minutes to spare, you can watch the entire celebration video here.

League of Legends cemented itself as an online evergreen with 10 years of active development, updates and an ever-thriving community enjoying the MOBA. But despite its continuous success, the developers want to expand into different genres and even mediums. A smart move to not only keep the momentum up but also increase it.

One of these endeavors is Project A. A work-in-progress title for a team-based tactical hero shooter. And if there’s one thing League of Legends has, it’s a large roster of those. Project A looks and sounds a whole lot like Overwatch with a focus on unique characters all with unique abilities. Riot will share more details about this game in 2020. You can check out the game in action in its first trailer here!

The next big unveiling is Wild Rift. In short, it’s a unique game that aims to bring League of Legends to mobile devices and consoles. As such, it’s created from the ground up and targets shorter matches with dual-stick gameplay while still offering deep mechanics. Watch the trailer here!

The next big game Riot is preparing to launch is Legends of Runeterra. A free-to-play card game for PC and mobile devices, set in the LoL universe. A beta will take place next year on PC but you can pre-register at for a chance to play the game immediately. Here’s the trailer for Legends of Runeterra!

Two other noteworthy game announcements are the fighting game Project L and a Diablo-like action-adventure game that allows going on great adventures in the world of League of Legends. There aren’t a lot of details shared at this moment, so keep your eyes open for next year.

Last but not least, Riot is also working on an original animated series that explores the origins of many League of Legends heroes, called Arcane. You can look forward to next year when the show starts airing.