Riot Games Thanks League of Legends Players with 450 RP

Have you been a good boy in League of Legends this year?  If you have, you might have noticed an extra 450 Riot Points in your account today.

As a way of thanking fans who have upheld the League of Legends Summoner's Code over the course of this past year, Riot Games credited player's accounts with 450 free Riot Points.  According to Riot, this reward is the first steps towards a new program that grants Riot Points to future summoners as they progress.

If you're over level 6 and haven't been banned from League of Legends in teh past two months, you're iun line to receive 450 Riot Points as a gift from Riot Games.  Riot estimates that everyone should have their free points by December 28, 2011 at midnight.

In addition to the free RP, Riot Games co-founders Mark 'Tryndamere' Merrill and Brandon 'Ryze' Beck released a special message for the dedicated fans of League of Legends.