Ridley Scott masterpiece gets a makeover

No, I'm not talking about Prometheus. Although I was one of the people who walked away very satisfied with the movie. I'm talking about Blade Runner — one of the best movies ever made. If you don't agree then you can go f*ck yourself. I will take you down faster than Rick Deckard with a crippled hand takes down a replicant… well, that wasn't fast at all, but you get the idea.

Now before you get all worried that Ridley Scott is going to do to Blade Runner what George Lucas has done to Star Wars, don't worry. This makeover of the 1982 classic isn't at the hands of Ridley Scott. It's nothing you'd ever expect.

It's watercolors. Seriously. And it's amazing.

Artist Anders Ramsell has made the opening 12 minutes of the movie using over 3600 watercolor paintings that he made. It's really something to behold and a level of dedication that I'll never have. He plans to make the whole movie through watercolors, and to that I give him a huge thumbs up and my deepest support for this project. If he had a Kickstarter, I would totally give him money.

[Topless Robot via Kotaku (there's the recycling thing again)]

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