Ridge Racer Unbounded Looks Decidedly Un-Ridge Racer-ish

Namco has announced the next console version of their iconic racing franchise: Ridge Racer Unbounded.

Don’t get too excited though, this is not your granma’s Ridge Racer. Development duties have been handed to Bugbear Entertainment, responsible for (or “guilty of”–whichever you prefer) the FlatOut series and the slightly better Sega Rally Revo.

“Ridge Racer Unbounded is a fresh take on one of the most important racing franchises in video game history,” said Olivier Comte, VP Marketing, Sales & Publishing at Namco Bandai Europe. “As such, we’re treating it with the reverence it deserves, and with the talented Bugbear team at the helm we’re confident of delivering a game fans new and existing will get a big destructive kick out of.”

Based on the trailer below, it seems Namco’s been smoking a little bit too much of the Criterion peace pipe. Also, what’s up with the terrible character CG? What century is this?