Riddler Puzzles Batman: Arkham City

Gamers who played Batman: Arkham Asylum will remember feeling the presence of the famed Riddler. Collectible items and clues were strewn about the asylum grounds, left by the puzzle-crazy Riddler, but Batman never got a chance to make an example out of the famous villain. Luckily, for gamers who felt cheated out of beating the criminal senseless, Rocksteady has confirmed that Batman: Arkham City will feature the Riddler as one of its villains.

Rocksteady’s Dax Ginn recently clarified that the Riddler would not be a part of the main story at the Game Developers Conference, but he also stated that fans shouldn’t write the villain off as a simple side quest enemy. “The Riddler is not part of the main story, but you can see how much work we put into it,” said Ginn. “It seems to do them a disservice to call them ‘side missions,’ because we take them really, really seriously.”

It’s going to be interesting to see how Rocksteady will make the Riddler seem just as important as the game’s main villains despite his exclusion from the main storyline. Specific details regarding the Riddler’s role have yet to be announced, but hopefully the character will bring a nice focus to complex puzzle-solving. That’s not to say the Riddler’s impact should make gameplay overly confusing for the more action-oriented players, but some satisfying brain teasers sprinkled across the entire game would definitely be welcomed by this Bat-fan.

As of this writing, all we really know is that the Riddler will be present in Arkham City and, despite his involvement outside of the main campaign, he will be a very important antagonist. According to Ginn, the Riddler will be bent on destroying Batman and will attempt to do so by threatening “the lives of people.” Could this mean possible timed puzzles that must be completed before a victim meets his or her demise? Will the Dark Knight be forced to solve tricky puzzles as the lives of innocents hang in the balance? If so, Batman has even more responsibility weighing on him this time around.