Rhapsody’s on-demand music service comes to Xbox 360

You can now listen to Rhapsody's library of music on your Xbox 360 — if you have a Gold account.

“Many families will be gathering around their Xbox this holiday season, and this year, Rhapsody can provide the soundtrack to those memories,” said Brian McGarvey, the vice president of business development at Rhapsody. “People talk about social music as something that happens online, but there’s no better place to share music than with family and friends at home, especially this time of year.”

The Rhapsody app on Xbox 360 supports gesture controls and voice commands that work with Kinect. It's free for current Rhapsody members and Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

Rhapsody serves over 1 million members and offers more than 16 million songs on 70-plus devices. Xbox 360 users can listen to their favorite music, find radio stations, and scroll through playlists.

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