Revolvers, new game modes and more coming to Starbound in next patch

A new patch is coming to Starbound, according to a post on the game's website. In addition to a bunch of bug fixes, some really excited new things are making their way into the game — like new weapons and game modes.

Two new game modes coming to the game are Permadeath and drop-everything-on-death modes. As much as I die as it is, I won't be playing those modes, but for those seeking more of a challenge, this will definitely quench your thirst. New weapons include revolvers, pulse rifles, hand grenades, shivs, Floran needlers, and the Floran thorn hammer. Other additions include human guards now wearing soldier uniforms, more decorative hats, more random encounters and some other content if it all gets finished on time. 

Then there's the issue and fear of a final character wipe. This upcoming patch will wipe everything — characters, ships and worlds — but it will be the last time that characters and ships will be wiped, and hopefully the last time worlds will be wiped. This patch contains a fix for save files, so that from this patch on out, you won't have to worry about new patches destroying characters and ships. The explanation given is, "The problem is that the organization of planets may change so if they go muck with a planet, how do we put it in the celestial map? Or if they build on a biome we remove, or something. So no promises, but we'll try. But promises on the player / ship."

You can expect the new patch in about a week's time.

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