Revisit Rapture with this Bioshock: The Collection trailer

There's always a lighthouse

The remaster of the modern day classics, Bioshock: The Collection, is just around the corner and that means some new trailers to give players a taste of what's ahead.

Bioshock: The Collection is set for release on September 13 and one of the big selling points is that all of the games will be "beautifully remastered in 1080p," but the trailer is only uploaded in 720p and only provides 30fps which begs the question if the trailer is just spliced together from last generation footage or from the new remastered version.

The trailer itself is still good looking and shows of various sites from Rapture while Andrew Ryan is talking over the intercom, as usual, forcing players to listen to his political rants just like John Henry Eden from Fallout 3.

2K still has a little time left to make Bioshock: The Collection as good as they possibly can and they also promised that eager fans can expect more sneak peaks ahead of the release for this highly anticipated remaster.

Bioshock: The Collection will be full remasters of all three games including all of the DLC and will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on September 13th in the US and on the 16th internationally.