Review Round-up: Pokemon Sun and Moon successfully eliminate tired features and create an experience that is both new and familiar

I need

It's so hard to express to you how badly I need Pokemon Sun and Moon in my life at the moment. Despite the series' shortcomings (namely being the same game over and over again), it has never once failed to rope me back in; and if these reviews are any indication, Sun and Moon are going to continue that trend. Fans don't need to be convinced, and many have likely pre-ordered both versions (I know I have), but it's still validating to see Nintendo change up the formula and still deliver.

Here's what others are saying about Pokemon Sun and Moon.

IGN (9.0)

Alola is the most inspired region in Pokemon so far, and that made exploring it fun and rewarding. Instead of just looking for items or places to grind, I was taught to expect the unexpected. 

The Sixth Axis (9/10)

With the change of structure, Game Freak has evidently had more freedom to tell an overarching narrative that isn’t limited by series conventions. As a result, Pokémon Sun & Moon has excellent pacing throughout its main campaign. It’s a definite improvement from the frankly dull overarching plot in Pokémon X & Y, with a great cast of characters that ooze with personality.

CG Mag (8/10)

And I can see myself picking this game up a lot. For the first time in a long time, Pokémon feels fresh, and some occasional frame rate issues won’t change that. This is the accumulation of all the small steps the series implemented over the years mixed with legitimate leaps by Game Freak. Pokémon Sun captured me in a way the series hasn’t since the first time I popped my first Pokémon game all those years ago, and much of that is because of these new changes.

GamesRadar (4/5)

Pokemon’s celestial pair occupy a unique position, belonging to a bestselling series played by kids and adults alike. Sun and Moon not only maintain its broad appeal, but boost it into the stratosphere. It’s familiar enough and different enough. It’s complex but well-communicated (if a little heavy handed in its tutelage). Learning about each of Sun and Moon’s new monsters – how they run, fly, swim, feed, dance, and co-exist with locals – gives the games a marvellous sense of rolling wonder for anyone, regardless of age.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are currently holding an average Metascore of 88, and while that is liable to change a bit over the next few days, the fact that the reviews are out ahead of the actual launch date as well Pokemon's track record of success, it's a pretty safe bet that Pokemon Sun and Moon are going to hold up exactly as you had hoped.