Rev Up Your Brain for Trivia Machine!

From the creators of the Award
Winning Digby’s Donuts, Hipsoft presents Trivia Machine

Rev Up Your Brain for Trivia

October 27, 2004 – HipSoft,,  announced
today that Trivia Machine is ready for trivia lovers everywhere. Challenge
yourself with over seven thousand questions from a variety of categories
including, History, Movies, Geography, Technology, and more! New questions are
downloaded automatically bringing you updated content regularly. The Windows
demo is available for free from the HipSoft website and the full version comes
with a money back guarantee.

The game unfolds by scoring points
for answering trivia questions correctly. Each turn of play has randomly
selected categories ranging through three difficulties: elementary, scholar, and
genius. As you answer correctly you move up the trivia ladder. When you reach
the top of the ladder you advance to the next level. Additionally, there are
bonuses that appear randomly with your questions. You may gain additional turns,
points, or even enter a lightning round which challenges you to answer 10
questions in 60 seconds.

Trivia Machine is an educational
game that is fun for all ages designed by the creators of the award winning
Digby’s Donuts. Trivia Machine and all of the HipSoft games are available via
download or you can have a CD shipped directly to your door. See how high you
can score by visiting the HipSoft website at
  and downloading Trivia Machine today!