Retailers list Minecraft: Story Mode release dates

We can probably trust these dates, right?

The last we heard about Minecraft: Story Mode it had no release date and that players would be able to choose the appearance of their character. It looks like Amazon and the UK based game retailer GAME have decided to reveal the release date for the games boxed release, since Telltale is taking so long.

According to GAME, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will be releasing on November 11th, while the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions will release on November 30th. Amazon, however, lists the game coming releasing for all platforms on the 30th — which could very-well be a placeholder date.

Typically, Telltale releases the boxed version of their episodic games when the entire Season has come to a close, but the boxed games suggest that the disc will only include the first episode, which would require users to download the rest of the episodes.

The one console that wasn't listed for a release date was the recently announced Wii U version, which might be indicative of the Wii U version not seeing a boxed release. During the initial announcement for the game, Telltale specified that the digital version of the game would come before the boxed release – which means we might be seeing the game release sometime in late September or early to mid October.