Retailer lists Dead Space 3 on its website

Though it's no secret EA is hard at work on Dead Space 3, fans and critics alike have been waiting for some sort of confirmation of its existence. Thanks to a recent leak, though, we can now be confident that Isaac Clarke is coming to save the galaxy once again. 

A South African retailer, BT Games, has begun to accept pre-orders for the upcoming action-shooter through its online store. Aside from the ability to pre-order the title, little information has been revealed — BT currently lists the release date and price as "TBA." EA has yet to respond to the leak, which could very well add to its credibility, though nothing has been officially announced nor denied. EA's president Frank Gibeau has stated several times that he's looking to expand the series into a trilogy and reach a "broader audience with the sequel." 

​Dead Space 2 was an excellent addition to the series, and fans seemed to really enjoy the overall product. Where would you like to see EA and Visceral Games "go" with the third installment? More action sequences? A deeper story? A creepier atmosphere? Let us know your opinions by commenting below. 

Source: [BT Games]