Retailer lists Assassin’s Creed ‘Egypt,’ Pikmin World and more for Nintendo Switch

Hopefully this retailer isn't full of it.

Last night Nintendo officially broke down the Nintendo Switch and revealed a number of games for the hybrid console. The list of games featured iconic Nintendo franchises, as well as third party games. It appears as though a Dutch retailer is hinting at even more games to come with their latest listings.

Dutch retailer, Intertoys, has listed several titles for the Nintendo Switch that were not present during the official presentation. Some of the games, however, have made an appearance in rumors like Rabbids Invasion and Assassin's Creed. Intertoys listed Super Mario Bros, Pikmin World, Assassin's Creed and Rabbids Invasion for the Switch without a release date – simply a price.


Earlier this month, a rumor surfaced that focused on a Switch game that was a Mario/Rabbids crossover that featured Rabbids invading the iconic Mushroom Kingdom. The retailer has listed this game as 'Rabbids Invasion,' as seen below.


While none of these titles have been confirmed, Ubisoft's CEO has been praising the Nintendo Switch plenty, saying that the Switch (NX at the time) would be bringing "casual players back" to the industry and that "Nintendo will be back in the race" with the Switch. Both Rabbids and Assassin's Creed would be adding to an already Ubisoft heavy (as far as third party games on Nintendo go) lineup for the Switch – the devs are bringing Steep, Just Dance and more to the Switch.