Respawn is coming after all of you Titanfall cheaters

If you are cheating in Titanfall, you suck. Now that that's out of the way, developer Respawn Entertainment is coming after you.

While this doesn't yet appear to be a problem on the Xbox One version of Titanfall, there are some claims of players using aimbots on the PC version. This is cheating, and Respawn Entertainment is hunting you down. The developer issued a warning today that reads "Finding cheaters in Titanfall? So are we. We're logging them now and they will be rooted out shortly."

Clarifying what they consider to be cheating, Respawn added "Using aimbots and such! Normal users won't have to worry."

Seriously though, why use aimbot? Are you that much of a tryhard that you actually have to cheat to be the best? Just play the game and have fun.