Resonance of Fate finally made its way to PSN

The developer that brought us Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile,Tri-Ace, has come back around with SEGA to finally make Resonance of Fate available on the PlayStation Network.

Sitting at 7.2 GB and $19.99 on the PlayStation Store, Resonance of Fate, is an extremely customizable game (both in character and weapon customization). It has an awesome battle system with great cinematic action and a special chain attack mode that makes fighting even more fun. Resonance of Fate will be running at 720p and is available for your PS3 right now! 

If you have no idea what this game is about, here's a brief description from Amazon.

Civilization on earth has long been forgotten with the previously lush world now a burned out remnant of its former self. Originally built as an experimental life support system, Basel is now the only place on Earth where mankind can sustain their lives. As their role their PMF (Private Military Firm) the group (Vashyron, Zephyr and Leanne) must seek out and complete quests for their clients leading them on a journey that will reveal the truth of Basel. 

When we say there's a ton of clothing customization – there's a ton, I mean just look at this:


Why wouldn't you want clothes that make it look like you're mostly naked…while not being naked?!