Resident Evil Revelations For Nintendo Switch is No Longer getting a Physical Release In Europe

Digital-only for Resident Evil/Switch fans in Europe

Capcom is bringing Resident Evil Revelations and Resident Evil Revelations 2 to the Nintendo Switch on November 28. We learned this a few months back, but a new, revelation (pun intended) has made itself clear. The two games will not be getting a physical release in Europe.

The games are still releasing in Europe, they'll just be eShop exclusive. The physical versions will remain in North America. The reason for this move is a simple one: production costs.

"Capcom has to take various factors into account when deciding what format to deliver our titles to our fans," said a statement from Capcom. "These can include but are not limited to overall production costs, manufacturing times, distribution, and first party regulations. In the case of Resident Evil Revelations, we've found that unfortunately it's not viable for Capcom Europe to create a physical version of the title on Nintendo Switch for our territories, however we will be making this available as a digital release."

Even the North American release has its shortcomings. As we learned previously, Revelations and Revelations 2 come in the physical boxed edition as a pair. However, it was recently revealed that the cartridge will only contain Resident Evil Revelations, with the sequel only available for download. The box simply includes the first game and a download code for the second. Regardless, the two games together will cost $40, which is arguably still a good deal for two titles. The eShop will feature the two games for £40 or each game for £20 individually.

Resident Evil Revelations originally launched on 3DS in 2012. It was later ported to PS3,  Xbox 360, Wii U and PC. In 2017, it was also ported to PS4  and Xbox One in 2017. Bringing it to Switch was the next logical progression, but being a five year old game, the cutback on production isn't surprising.