Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City pushes two million sales

It's no secret that Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City launched to a mixed reaction. From what I've heard, people either really hated the game, or they liked it. So far, though, I have yet to hear from any group of gamers who claim that they love the game.

Despite this mixed reception Operation Raccoon City has received since its release, it has actually managed to deliver impressive results for Capcom. As revealed in a recent financial report, the game had hit 1.7 million sales in North America and Europe. That number has already increased, and sales figures for the third-person shooter have officially reached the 2 million mark.

While we can't expect a massive rise now that the launch buzz is over, it's obvious that Operation Raccoon City will continue to provide a handful of coins for Capcom in the near future. I guess that goes to show that the company doesn't need to make a great Resident Evil game to get people to buy it.


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