Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City infects your consoles today

Capcom's latest venture into the Resident Evil universe is upon us with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

You and three buddies will be able to play as Umbrella agents around the events that take place around the time of Resident Evil 2, as you try to hunt down Leon Kennedy. Though fans tend to think of Resident Evil games as survival horror games (though after RE5 and the trailer for RE6, it's looking more and more like an action game) Operation Raccoon City will focus more on teamwork with your squad as third person shooter.

For those picking it up on the Xbox 360, the Nemesis Multiplayer Mode awaits those who want to step into the shoes (does he wear shoes?) of the dreaded Nemesis, most notably known as the main nemesis (see what I did there) in Resident Evil 3.

On April 10, fans will be able to download a complimentary Spec Ops mission as well, which will further prolong their zombie killing experience.

Players will enter Raccoon City as a member of a Spec Ops team deployed to determine the source of the deadly virus outbreak. On a battle field that can only exist within the terrifying Resident Evil universe, players will need to fight off the opposing team members from the Umbrella Security Service (U.S.S.) as well as zombies and B.O.W.’s to succeed in their mission. In a storyline that takes place between Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, fans of the series are sure to be pleased when they re-visit the moment Jill Valentine encounters the Nemesis.

For PC owners wanting to get their Umbrella on, they'll have to wait until May 18th.